Happy Christmas Eve!

Happy Christmas Eve Everyone!

I’ve collected some articles together for today related to Christmas that you may enjoy.

Christian-Birth-of-ChristThe first article is from Joe Carter on 9 Things You Should Know About Christmas. It has some good info on the origin of Christmas but be warned it may “ruin” some of your perspective on the traditional nativity scene.

His first of nine is: “ No one knows what day or month Jesus was born (though some scholars speculate that it was in September). The earliest evidence for the observance of December 25 as the birthday of Christ appears in the Philocalian Calendar, composed at Rome in 336.”

Read the whole thing here.

If you are looking for more information about the origin of Christmas check this article out.

The second article is from Bethany Jenkins titled  The Shocking Implications of the Incarnation regarding the importance and powerful purpose of Jesus’ birth.

She writes, “If we do not understand the weight of the miracle of Christ’s incarnation, it is because we do not understand the weight of the holiness of God. The incarnation is shocking. It is outrageous to think that an infinite and holy God would voluntarily become finite to live with unholy sinners. In fact, the incarnation is so appalling that it separates Christianity from Islam and Judaism. The Jerusalem Talmud says, “If man claims to be God, he is a liar” (Ta’anit 2:1), while the Qur’an says, “Allah begets not and was not begotten” (Sura al-Ikhlas 112). Jews and Muslims understand how ludicrous it is to think that a holy God would humiliate himself by becoming human.”

Read the whole thing here.

incarnation-of-the-wordThe last article is a meditation on the powerful effects of Christmas songs and in particular Hark the Herald Angel Sings”

He writes, “It’s that time of year where deep theological songs about Jesus are allowed full access. If we pause and listen we just might allow the music at the mall to take us deep into our Jesus.”

Read the whole thing here.

Hope these articles are a blessing to you.

Merry Christmas!



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